Experiences of the Ash Cloud

Here you can share your recollections of the effects of the ash cloud.

2 thoughts on “Experiences of the Ash Cloud

  1. Paul in N15

    I was one of the four people due to sail on a yacht from Plymouth to the Channel Isles with Rob who was interviewed on the programme. It was rather nailbiting as we were getting frequent updates about where he’d got to and what the next bit of his journey plan was but it was still touch and go whether he’d make it to Plymouth in time. It was a huge relief to see him. Sadly we didn’t make it all the way across the Channel due to bad weather but had a terrific trip sailing the coast of Devon.

  2. admin Post author

    HELLO PAUL, thanks for getting in touch. Sounds like quite an adventure. It’s great the way Rob was so determined to get back and that, despite rather an all consuming few days of epic travel for him, he was able to get on with sharing his sailing skills with ye’ all. I’m sure the coast of Devon was very rewarding, even though you didn’t make it across the channel. I’ve really been thinking about all the experiences our interviewee’s shared with us over the last few days, how easily nature can throw our society into such a spin. Timely reminder I think.
    Did you know the programme was due to go out or was it just chance that you were tuned in? Hope you liked it. Thanks – jp


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